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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Subject               :               English Language
Class                    :               5 Bistari (Intermediate Level)
Time                    :               8.45 am – 9.45 am (60 minutes)
Date                     :               13 July 2011
Enrolment       :               25 pupils
Theme                :               World of Knowledge
Topic                   :               The Ant And The Cricket

Skills and Specification:
1.3          Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of words and phrases in context
  1.3.3    Listen to keywords and phrases in stories, recounts, and descriptions heard..

2.2          Ask questions politely to obtain information and clarification.
2.2.1      Ask ‘Wh’ questions to seek information

3.2          Acquire key words at various stages of development.
  3.2.2    Read and learn the meaning of key words for each topic taught.

3.3          Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and whole text.
  3.3.3    Read and understand simple paragraphs.

Teaching Points           :               Keywords – grains, loading, plenty, autumn, starving,summer and   
Grammar –1) Simple past tense:-sang, worked,started,went,learned
                             and woke up.
Prior Knowledge         :               Pupils  have read the story before.

Learning Outcomes   : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1.       Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of words and phrases in context..
2.       Give three out of five short replies in response to teacher’s questions.
3.       Read 7 keywords from the text with correct pronunciation and stress.
4.    Match  the six words to  the each both characters in the story.      

Educational Emphases : 1. Moral Values – hardworking, responsibility, appreciate, kind generous
  2. Thinking Skills – listing, identifying main ideas and categorizing.
Teaching Materials         : Slide MS Powerpoint and worksheets.              


Teaching – Learning Activities

Set Induction
(5 minutes)

i) Who are they?
ii) What are they doing ?
iii) What are the different between the two pictures?

  1. Teacher shows the picture in the textbooks .
  2. Teacher asks 3 questions to the pupils according to the pictures.
3.       Teacher introduces the topic for the  day;- The Ant and The Cricket.

Text Book

Stage 1
15 minutes

i) Reading text:
The Ant And the Cricket

Grains, loading, plenty, autumn, shivering,
starving, summer and share.

Short Questions based on the text:
i)What is the story about? A lazy cricket and hardworking ant.
ii) Which character do you like most?  All logical answers: I Like ants because they are hardworking.

iii)Who is singing cheerfully on a branch of tree?The cricket.

iv)Who is helping the cricket? The ant

v)Who gives food to the cricket? The ant

Shared Reading

  1. Teacher shows the text on the text book.

  1. Teacher carries out Shared Reading with the class.

  1. Teacher reads the text once and asks few people to read it continuously.

  1. Teacher asks pupils to tell what happen in the story.

  1. Teacher shows the keywords and pupils read along with her.

  1. Teacher asks question based on the text and the pupils answer three out of five questions orally.

Shared reading

Text Book

Stage 2
15 minutes

Grains, loading, plenty, autumn, shivering,
starving, summer and share.

1) Simple past tense:-
sang, worked,started,went,learned, woke up.
2) Articles :-
A , The

Focused Word Work (Teaching Points)
  1. Teacher drills the pupils to the pronunciation of highlighted words on the blackboard.
  2. Teacher asks pupils to match the words to the characters in the story .
  3. Teacher asks pupils to circle words in simple past tense that can be found in the text.
  4. Pupils rewrite the root words of each simple past tense that they found.
  5. Pupils underline the articles that can be found in the text.
  6. Teacher practices the usage of articles  with the pupils.
  7. Teacher asks pupils to  fill in the blank with aricles to complete the phrases in the worksheet.

Text book

Stage 3
15 minutes


Guided Reading /Writing  or Independent Work

Writing  or Independent Work
  1. Teacher divides the class into 5 groups.
  2. Teacher asks the pupils to read the text once silently.
  3. Pupils need to make sentences about each characters based on the word given.
  4.  Group who answer at least 8 correct sentences out of 12 sentences is the winner.

Guided Reading
  1. Teacher does guided reading with two weak pupils.

Manila card

5 minutes

Summing Up
We have to be hardworking and always make an early preparation and caution.

  1. Teacher goes through the day’s lesson
  2. Teacher highlights the moral value of the text.
  3. Teacher advice pupils to practice good moral value in day life.

Hardworking, responsibility,  and kind generous.

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